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Hotel Signage Case Study for the Ever Eden Resort

Ενημερώθηκε: 25 Φεβ 2020

The specialized team in hotel signage of bratti, talks to Hotelier Academy for the most successful case study of EverEden Resort that recently operated in Athens-Greece, and analyzes step by step all the stages for the ideal specification for Hotel signages.

The process for a hotel signage is a very complex process, as its purpose is not only the installation of the signs on the facade of the hotel and on the room doors, but also to guide the visitors of the accommodation throughout all the premises and facilities, for as long as they stay. So, since hotel signage has such an important purpose, it makes sense to require a thorough specification, as well as the involvement of various professionals that are aware of the design and development of the accommodation (concept makers, interior designer / architect, designer, signboard manufacturer, etc.).

With over fifty years of experience in the field of professional signage, and having the utmost expertise in the hotel field, bratti has partnered with all categories of professionals, involved in the specification of signage for a tourist accommodation, and has completed a significant number of large and small scale hotel projects.

Among the most recent completed projects of the company, EverEden Resort in Athens stands out not only for its perfect final result, but also for the perfectly accurate signage specification and the smooth process of the construction and placement of signs throughout the accommodation. In this interview, we asked bratti's hotel signage team a series of questions, through which we received a complete and comprehensive view of the whole process that followed and how we were ultimately led to such an excellent result.

Starting our discussion, we would like to know about the importance of the right process of specifying a hotel sign, not only at the stage of designing and constructing the signs, but also on the ultimate experience of the traveler staying at the hotel for some days.

It is very important that the process of a hotel signage is done correctly so that the customer that visits the accommodation for the first time and will stay for a few days, can receive the attention and the importance that the hotelier gives him / her. He shows this by paying attention to every single detail on the hotel, even the signs. In addition, the purpose of the hotel signage is to inform and guide the visitor, but it should also arouse their interest and contribute to their overall experience.

This could be achieved correctly when everyone involved in hotel design cooperates with each other, the concept maker, the architect, the interior designer, the lighting architect, the landscape architect, the hotelier, the hotel manager and of course the hotel sign designer.

The specifications of the signs besides of the aesthetic part, should cover the needs of the accommodation and the construction part, in order to have a durable signage and avoid any damage in the harsh weather conditions of Greece. Even their proper and careful installation is a very important issue for a proper hotel signage.

We understand, therefore, that there are many professionals who should ideally be included in the process of specification and design study of a hotel signage. In the case of EverEden, with which professionals and offices did you collaborate and how harmonious was the cooperation for both, your own company with other partners and the partners between them?

The process of the signage study and the signage design for Ever Eden was an ideal case for our office. This is due to the excellent cooperation we had with EVER EDEN Hotel Manager Mr. Alkis Panagopoulos, who knew the needs of the hotel and had the vision and determination without delaying in trivial details. It is worth mentioning that in our 50 years of experience this has only happened with 3 hotel managers. Our next major partner to this project was Mr. Elias Papanikolaou, architect of the Elastic Architects office. His guidance and observations were substantial and helped to produce a good result without any delay in the design of the study. In only 3 meetings knew exactly what we were going to do to complete such a great project.

For the right partnership, it is important that people who make decisions are knowledgeable about the subject, have an opinion and make decisions quickly.

As the hotel signage is, after all, a fairly complex subject, we realize that it also takes the necessary time to properly specify and construct it. What was the total time required in the case of EverEden? And, based on your experience, what do you think is the right starting point for the specification of the signage, to complete the process on time?

A hotel signage is indeed a complicated and important issue. This shouldn’t be done at the last minute. Unfortunately most of the time, our customers call us a month before the hotel opens, as a result all of us who cooperate for the signage have to hurry up in order to finish, and surely that's not good. Many of our ideas are rejected over time because it is impossible to start any extra work needed when everything is almost ready, such as floors, walls, power supplies, etc.

The ideal starting point for the sign study is after the completion of the architectural design and prior to the commencement of work.

In the case of Ever Eden we needed 6 weeks, because as mentioned above it was an ideal case. During this time, we presented two proposals from which the first one was selected for the signage design. We specified the signage points for each sign, the texts that would be displayed on them, and the construction sign design in order to enable the signage study.

A proper hotel signage, is very important for the customer’s experience, as it guides and facilitates what it needs during its stay. Do you think that in the case of EverEden this goal has been achieved? What exactly was the role of the interior designer throughout the process and how much did you account into the guest experience?

Yes, I believe we achieved it. Our goal was to inform and guide the visitors from their arrival to the Resort until they reach their room, so that they could easily and immediately find all the facilities that EverEden offers. In addition, what was important for us, that we designed the sign study, was the contribution of the signs to the customer’s experience, showing that even the sings are carefully crafted, using quality materials, exclusively designed for the particular Resort, showing organized place and adding value to the Hotel.

We made it with the cooperation of our office with the interior designer Elias Papanikolaou from Elastic Architects. His guidance and comments on our proposals were essential. It is very important in a project to cooperate harmoniously, because it is the only way that they will create something that the final recipient, the client, will like. Also the contribution of Ever Eden’s Director Mr. Alkis Panagopoulos was very important for the guest experience, who is familiar with this subject.

EverEden is a resort with a fairly large area, with its main facilities (swimming pools, restaurants, etc.) scattered throughout. What were the particular challenges you had to face due to the layout and landscape of the accommodation and what solutions did you find for them?

We faced many challenges, and as I mentioned before, we wanted to guide the customers from the Resort's main gate until their arrival to their room and from their room to all the facilities of the Resort. In Ever Eden we had to do this x 3 times, since it has 3 different room buildings (EverAlfa, EverBeta, EverGamma) and the goal was for the client to be able to find the many F&B Outlets available in any building, Wellness Center, Theater, Playground, Mediterranean Garden, Organized Beach, 3 Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools, Conference Center, Multipurpose Rooms, Hiking Paths and more.

The solutions we found was to place the basic facilities in the central hubs so that the visitor could easily understand the layout of the accommodation, and immediately find the points of interest.

We have emphasized the basic messages by reinforcing them with illuminated lighting and an impressive design of these signs.

Finally, at a time when everything is slowly becoming digital, do you think the 'traditional' way of a hotel signage is in danger of being replaced by screens or other digital media? What efforts have you made as a company to stay up-to-date with developments in technology and new trends, and how have you applied this particular approach to EverEden?

No, the traditional way of digital signage is not at risk. Digital signage is great when the hotel uses digital technology in all its functions. So when the hotel concept is a smart hotel everything will be digital for the tech lovers. However, this concept doesn’t suit to everyone so there will always be more traditional cases for guests to live a unique experience. In these case, if the signs are cleverly designed, they will have a better impact on the customer experience.

Our company is aimed for all types of hotel and stays up to date and therefore constructs digital room signs with its own software, high quality, durability and weatherproof. It also provides a virtual assistant, a state-of-the-art digital signage which is the most impressive and effective way of presenting information and guidance to the public.

Our company has an in house research and development department of new products and technologies for lighting, promotion, information and public guidance.

Author: Hotelier Academy


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