bratti Hotel Signage Recent Innovation: Digital Signage via Wifi

Ενημερώθηκε: 30 Νοε 2020

Room signage has always been an integral part of the visitor's experience, making their need for modernization intense. Although the electronic signs gave a digital solution to the corridors of the rooms, they created a huge installation cost. At the same time, the limitations in their design, caused an uneven result to the aesthetics of many hotels signage’s.

For this reason, Bratti Hotel Signage's new electronic room signage is a revolutionary solution, as they are integrated into the aesthetics of the hotel, while reducing installation costs due to their operation via WiFi.

What are the features of Bratti Hotel Signage's Electronic Signs?

1) They are made entirely by Bratti, allowing you to customize any design you choose for your hotel.

2) Apart of the room number, they also offer useful information about operation system with the illuminated indication : Do Not Disturb (Red), Available for Cleaning (Green).

What problem does it solve?

The usual procedure of installing an electronic sign requires re-wiring in the corridors and rooms of the hotel, thus creating a significant cost to the hotelier who wishes to digitize his accommodation. The design customization abilities are also limited, as a standard glass plate is currently on the market that often does not conform to the aesthetics of the hotel.

In contrast to the above mentioned, Bratti's electronic signs can be connected via WiFi, with a result of limiting connectivity needs for power supply. In addition, its design can be adapted either to the existing signage of the hotel or to the exact design desired by the hotelier, resulting in maintaining the aesthetic of the accommodation.


• The accommodation obtains a modern character, as the touch control systems in combination with the graphics that are illuminated with backlight, creates a user-friendly signage system.

• They do not require additional installation costs as they only need the power connection to be activated and connected to the central system of the rooms through a server installed by the company.

• They are fully adapted to the design of the existing signs of the hotel, maintaining the aesthetics of the accommodation.


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